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Junxing M106 Recurve Bow: A Great buy for beginner and intermediate level archers

Junxing M106 Recurve Bow: A Great buy for beginner and intermediate level archers

Are you looking for the best recurve bow for the money? If your answer is yes, then, I have a product that will serve you with great satisfaction and make your hunting experience a memorable one. If you are looking for a nice quality bow at a little stature of price range. Then Junxing M106 Recurve Bow should be the most suitable option for you as it gives you great service at its value.



Junxing M106 Recurve Bow is a brand-new product, if you are seeking to buy a best recurve bow at this point you can stop your search now as you have ended in a great place. It's an ideal product designed for hunting and also other outdoor/indoor uses. It has an affordable price and everything else that you may look for in an archery bow. The best thing about the Junxing M106 Recurve Bow is it has the ability to shoot arrows at speeds of up to 180 fps.

The Junxing M106 Recurve Bow is made of high-quality materials that make it highly durable and reliable. The limbs are made from fiberglass which increases their strength while keeping them light in weight as well. The limbs are also reinforced with hardwood which makes them even more durable and stable than they already are on their own. The riser is made from aluminum alloy which makes it very lightweight while still being able to withstand any kind of impact or stress put on it during use.

The Junxing M106 Recurve Bow has a draw length of 28 inches right out of the box but if you need something longer or shorter than this then simply adjust it yourself with no tools needed!

Features And Specifications

Junxing M106 recurve bow is a superior compound bow for the most demanding archers. Its main specifications include:

Draw weight: 30lbs-60lbs

Draw length: 20”-30”

Bow length: 67”-73.5”

Arrow length: 20” to 30”

The bow has been designed with the latest technology in mind, and it is made from high quality materials that will last you for years to come. This feature makes it one of the best recurve bows on the market today.


At the outset, let us discuss the advantages of Jun Hing M106 Recurve Bow from a seasoned archer and coach perspective.

1. The Jun Hing M106 is a lightweight bow that can be used by kids at an early age. It is also suitable for adults who would like to take up the sport of archery. The bow weighs 3 pounds which makes it easy for beginners to handle.

2. The Jun Hing M106 Recurve Bow comes with a sight pin and other accessories such as an armguard, stabilizer and finger tab as standard equipment. These are essential for anyone who wants to learn how to shoot arrows properly.

3. This recurve bow has a draw weight of 30 pounds which means that it can be used by children as well as adults without any difficulty at all. You can even adjust this draw weight according to your needs if you feel that the original draw weight might be too much for you or your kid!

4. The Jun Hing M106 comes with an adjustable arrow rest which allows you to change its position so that you can make adjustments according to your needs or preferences! This feature makes it very easy for beginners who want to learn how

5.Low cost - Great entry level bow that won't break the bank.

6.Comfortable grip - A comfortable grip makes it easy to hold onto the bow while drawing back.


The Junxing M106 recurve bow is a great choice for beginners who are looking for a cheap and beginner friendly bow to offer some initial training. However, this budget Olympic-style recurve has several flaws, which you will find out in the rest of this Jun Hing M106 Recurve Bow review. If you want to know more, please click here.

Poor quality materials - The material used in manufacturing this bow isn't strong enough and could break easily if not taken care of properly.

The Junxing M106 Recurve Bow is a great buy for beginners and intermediate archers looking to get the best bang for their buck. It features an adjustable sight, wheel guard, and four arrowheads that make up for the lack of extras you would find on similarly priced models.

The bow’s draw weight is adjustable between 30 lbs and 60 lbs with a maximum draw length of 32 inches. This makes it perfect for teens and adults with different body types.

This bow is also available in a left-handed version, which is great if you are left-handed or want to learn how to shoot left-handed. The draw weight can be adjusted easily so that even beginners can get used to shooting this bow before they move on to more advanced models.

The Junxing M106 has a draw speed of 28 FPS (feet per second) which makes it one of the fastest bows on the market today. This means that you will be able to shoot arrows faster than any other beginner bows on our list! To learn more, click here!

The bow comes equipped with an adjustable sight which allows you to adjust where your arrow goes after it’s released from the string; however, there are no other extras included in this model such as stabilizers or quivers




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