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Junxing M120 Compound Bow is A Great Choice For Beginners!

Junxing M120 Compound Bow is A Great Choice For Beginners!

Junxing M120 Compound Bow is an excellent choice for beginners. Are you just getting started with archery, but can't decide which compound bow to get? If so, the Junxing M120 may be a good option, as it's an affordable option when compared to other bows. It's also a bow that comes with quality technology, and will keep you shooting accurately for years to come.

Why Junxing M120 Compound Bow?

Junxing M120 Compound Bow is one of the best compound bows in the world. It is designed for hunting, competition and target shooting, and it’s made by a well-known manufacturer.

It's not just a good bow; it's also a great value. When you buy a Junxing M120 Compound Bow, you get what many consider to be an excellent bow for your money.

Why would you buy a Junxing M120 Compound Bow? That is a question every hunter will ask when they're beginning their search for a new hunting bow. In this article I'm going to answer that question simply and with easy-to-read information.

The M120 is one of the best compound bows ever made by Junxing Archery Industry Co Ltd., which has been producing quality bows since 1972. As far as I know, this company has never had any problems with quality control or durability issues — which is why I recommend them so highly!

The Junxing M120 was designed specifically for hunters who want an affordable bow that performs well in any weather condition or terrain type (including deep woods). The bow features some excellent features that make it very attractive to hunters who are looking for an affordable option

The Junxing M120 comes standard with a 3 pin sight, adjustable arrow rest, stabilizer mount and peep sight. It also includes a quiver and armguard as well as an extra string and cables should you need them replaced at some point down the road. The compound bow itself weighs 4 pounds 6 ounces without accessories or arrows so it's very lightweight yet extremely sturdy at the same time!

Junxing M120 Compound Bow has Adjustable Draw Length

Looking for a compound bow that can meet your need? Junxing M120 Compound Bow with high quality is what you need. Good news, this compound bow has adjustable draw length. This compound bow is easy to use and comfortable to operate.  This bow is light in weight. It can be used by both beginners and advanced archers.

Junxing M120 Compound Bow has Adjustable Draw Length

The most important feature of this compound bow is its adjustable draw length which allows you to adjust the draw length according to your need. You can set it at 20" or 23". The compound bow also comes with a padded forearm and wrist sling which helps you to shoot comfortably and steadily without any pain or strain on your arm muscles or wrist.

High Quality and Durable Construction

Junxing M120 Compound Bow features high quality construction with aluminum alloy limbs and riser which makes it durable enough for long-term use without any breakage or malfunctioning during shooting sessions. This compound bow also comes with an adjustable sight system that allows you to adjust the sight easily so that you can get perfect aiming position during shooting session

High Performance

This compound bow has a shooting speed of 310 fps (feet per second). With such high speed, it allows you to shoot targets precisely and accurately at long ranges. Moreover, the shooting speed will not decrease even when shooting at longer distances because this compound bow uses CNC machined aluminum riser which makes it durable and sturdy enough to withstand any impacts during shooting process

What Should Know about Maintenance of Compound Bow String?

The first thing that you should know about maintenance of compound bow string is to make certain that you are measuring and controlling the basic elements that can cause it to fray or weaken. 

The first element is temperature, which can cause the strings to dry out and become brittle.

The second element is moisture, which will cause the string to rust when it dries out. 

The third element is dirt and debris, which can build up on the string and cause friction with your fingers as you draw the bow back. This can actually wear down your fingers over time and cause abrasions or calluses.

The fourth element is vibration. Vibration is caused by the release of energy from the arrow after it has been shot out at high speeds through your bow's limbs. The vibrations may loosen up all kinds of little bits of debris or dust that can then get into your string as well as under your fingers while you shoot.

How to Use Compound Bow Sniper Style?

A compound bow sniper style is a great way to improve your accuracy when using a compound bow. However, before you start shooting your bow, it's important to know how to shoot it properly and how to figure out the best draw length.

Here are some tips that will help you improve your accuracy when using a compound bow:

1. Set up your equipment correctly

Before you start shooting, make sure that everything is set up correctly. This means that you should check the string and cables of your bow as well as all other parts of the bow. You can do this by checking if there are any loose parts or if they're damaged in any way. If there are any problems with your equipment, make sure that you fix them before shooting again.

2. Check the draw length of your compound bow

The draw length refers to the distance between the handle of your compound bow and its anchor point on your face (where it meets with the arrow). Ideally, this distance should be around 27 inches for beginners and 28 inches for advanced shooters.

Manufacture Process Flow of Archery Bow Limbs

Junxing M120 Archery Bow Limbs

Junxing M120 is the product which is widely used by people. There are two bows one is Junxing M120 compound bow, and another one is Junxing M90 compound bow. Both of the Junxing compound bows have its own characteristics. When it comes to choose the best one for you, its always a tough choice. So today I'm going to share the manufacture process flow of Archery Bow Limbs with you.

Manufacturing Process Flow:

Firstly, we make the raw materials into a single piece or multiple pieces according to customer requirements. We use different materials for different parts of the bows. After that, we cut or grind them into the required size and shape according to customer requirements; If you want to know more, please click here.

Secondly, we do surface treatment on each part according to customer requirements; For example: polishing, anodizing, powder coating etc; 

Thirdly, we assemble all parts together according to customers' request



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