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Recommended: Junxing Mini Compound Bow

Recommended: Junxing Mini Compound Bow

Junxing mini compound bow is designed well with good distance, speed and accuracy. The compact, light compound bow is easy to carry and operate. Many hunters like this model for its small size, but it doesn't mean that it lacks power. It was created with the new techniques in mind, providing you a very smooth performance without damaging your fingers when nocking the arrow. It's the right compound bow for small game hunting and target practice. To learn more about Junxing Mini Compound Bow, you can click here.

Introducing Junxing Mini Compound Bow

Introducing Junxing 30lbs Mini Compound Bow which is easy to carry and can be shot in indoor and outdoor games.

The bow comes with a high quality steel riser, aluminum limbs, plastic or aluminum grip. It has a draw weight of 7-29 lbs and draw length of 24.8 inches. The bow is made for beginners who want to learn archery.

The bow has a brace height of 4.5 inches which is good enough for beginners. It provides great power and accuracy while shooting at short range targets. The Mini Compound Bow can be used by adults as well as kids due to its light weight design which makes it easy to carry around and use when traveling or camping outdoors!

Introducing Junxing 30lbs Mini Compound Bow with Brace Height 4.5 inches, Draw Weight 7-29 lbs, and Draw Length 24.8 Inches Which is easy to carry and can be shot in indoor and outdoor games.

Package Content: the Bow, the String, the Riser Mount, the Cable Guard, the Nock Loop and 2 quick detach screws to fix it, 2 rubber stoppers to protect your bow limbs from falling off.

Why Junxing Mini Compound Bow is the Best Choice?

The Junxing Mini Compound Bow is the best choice. There are many individual's who appreciate this kind of product due to the remarkable features. According to that, I have found a press release which claims some of its features:

1. Great power - The compound bow has great power, because it can shoot arrows up to 70 meters away. And with 125 pounds draw weight plus 26 inches length, it's amazing to me.

2. High durability - all parts frame, riser and limbs are made from 100% high quality material in order to provide long service time for using this bow.

3. Changeable wheels and string - it is adjustable for both left-handed or right-handed archers and to meet your special need for using this bow due to special structures and skills.

4. Adjustable sight - sight can be adjusted easily according to your need for shooting targets or hunting animals accurately and effectively than ever before!


The specifications of the Junxing Mini Compound Bow are: 28.125"" long, 18 pound draw weight, and shoots at speeds of up to 310 fps.

The bow is a very small and compact design that allows for easy storage or carrying around in backpacks. It has a simple one-piece riser design with no string or cable guides to get tangled up with. This keeps the bow very light weight (just over 2 pounds) and easy to use.

The bow comes with three arrows: two 20" target arrows and one 18" hunting arrow. It also comes with a quiver and wrist sling so you can carry these arrows around while shooting. If you want to know more, please click here.



1. It is a lightweight bow, and it is easy to carry around because of its small size.

2. This bow can be used by people with disabilities or injuries as it requires less strength to shoot arrows from it.

3. The bow is made from high-quality materials so you can use it for a long time without worrying about damage caused by normal wear and tear.

4. The string has been made using good quality materials so it will not snap easily, even if you use the bow extensively over a long period of time.

5. The price of this product is very reasonable and affordable for most people who are looking for a bow that they can use in their backyard or indoors without having to spend too much money on expensive equipment like this one

6. Lightweight design makes it portable for children or adults to use anytime anywhere;

7. Adjustable draw length and draw weight make it suitable for both men and women;

8. Durable composite limbs are built for long-term enjoyment;

9. The bow is equipped with a dual limb stabilizer system that helps to reduce vibration during shooting;


Cons of Junxing Mini Compound Bow

1. The bow is not suitable for hunting.

2. It takes some time to adjust the length of the arrows.

3. The bow does not have a sight, which makes it difficult to aim at targets accurately.

4. The string uses a metal loop instead of a hook, which makes it difficult to adjust its length or replace it when broken.

Other Considerations

Junxing Mini Compound Bow is a good choice for people who are looking for a bow with a low price and high quality. The bow has all the features you need, including speed adjustment, finger draw and anti-dry fire arrow rest.

If you are looking for a top compound bow, you should consider these aspects:

The Draw Length of Your Bow

The Draw Length is the distance between your chin and the string when you pull back the bowstring with an arrow nocked. It's important to get one that fits your body type and height. If it's too long or short, it will be difficult to use effectively and could be dangerous as well. To learn more, click here!

The Weight of Your Bow

The weight of the bow is measured in ounces or pounds (ounces being lighter). As a general rule, heavier bows offer more power than lighter ones but are harder to carry around during hunting season. A heavier bow also takes more strength to shoot accurately because it has more mass (the amount of matter contained within an object). But if you're just using it for target practice in your backyard or at home, then weight doesn't matter much at all!

The Draw Force Required to Shoot Your Bow



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