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Junxing Compound Bow -- Hunting Crossbow

Junxing Compound Bow -- Hunting Crossbow

Junxing's compound bow series, which is amongst the top bow brands and manufacturers globally, has been making quality hunting bows and archery equipment for over 30 years. Their respect for excellence has earned them a high rank among those with a keen interest in the sport and those who just enjoy time outdoors.Buy this product if you want to improve your game.

product description of the Junxing Compound Bow

Weight: 1.5kg
String Length: 120cm
Unstrung Length: 101cm
Draw Weight: 20-55lbs adjustable
Draw Length: 19-30 inches adjustable


Product details about Junxing Compound Bow

The Junxing Compound Bow is a compound bow that is easy to use and comes with an adjustable draw length of 28-30 inches. This bow is made from aluminum alloy material, which makes it more durable than other bows in its category. It comes with a sight of 3-pin and 4-pin, which makes it easier to aim at the target. The bow can be used by both right-handed and left-handed archers.

The Junxing Compound Bow has an overall length of 36 inches when unstrung, which will make it easier for you to carry around. You can easily adjust the draw length from 28-30 inches without any tools required. The draw weight can also be adjusted from 20-40 lbs., which means that you can use this bow for different kinds of hunting activities like small game hunting or deer hunting if you want to do that kind of thing.

The Junxing Compound Bow will come with everything you need when shooting it, including string wax, arrow rest, quiver with sight bracket, finger tab and more!I would like to introduce to you my first compound bow, the Junxing Compound Bow.

pros and cons of the Junxing Compound Bow

The Junxing compound bow is a mid-range bow designed for entry-level archers. It's a good choice for those who are just getting started or want something that can grow with them as they improve their skill.


- Affordable price tag

- High poundage

- Great for beginners


- Not as quiet as other models


Product Highlights about the Junxing Compound Bow

Junxing Compound Bow has been designed to meet the needs of hunters, archers and target shooters. The bow is made of high-quality materials and comes with an adjustable draw length that makes it suitable for use by young and old alike. The bow has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. For example, it comes with a sight tower that allows you to shoot accurately at longer distances without straining your eyesight. It also has a lightweight design that makes it easy to handle even when shooting at long distances.

The Junxing compound bow is a great choice for younger archers. It has an adjustable draw length from 13" to 19", and an adjustable draw weight from 10lbs to 30lbs. The bow has a solid construction and comes with everything you need to get started: a stringer, arm guard, arrow rest and 2 arrows.

Junxing Compound Bow Features:

- Adjustable Draw Length: 13" to 19"

- Adjustable Draw Weight: 10lbs to 30lbs

- Composite Limbs for Extra Toughness

- Aluminum Riser for Durability


These are the key factors to consider when buying a compound bow.

There are many different compound bows to choose from. They come in all different sizes and shapes, as well as prices. If you’re looking for a compound bow, here are some things to consider:

1. Your budget
2. Your draw length
3. Your draw weight
4. Your draw cycle (how fast or slow the bow is)
5. How much noise do you want?

When you're shopping for a compound bow, there are several things to consider. The first thing you need to do is determine whether you want a bow for target shooting or hunting.

Hunting bows are typically larger and heavier than target bows because they need more power to drive an arrow through thick hides and dense bones. They also have longer draw lengths (the distance from the grip at rest to the string at full draw) because hunters like longer arrows for better penetration. Please contact our customer service team to get more information!

Target bows are smaller and lighter than hunting bows, so they don't shoot as fast or as far. Their draw lengths are shorter because they're designed for shorter arrows that fly faster and hit harder on impact.

You should also decide what type of bow you want: recurve or compound. Recurve bows have been around since ancient times, and they're still popular today because they're easier to use than compound bows. However, recurve bows don't offer much in the way of adjustability or customization — if you want to change something about your setup, you'll probably need to buy a whole new bow instead of just swapping out parts like you can with a compound model.


FAQS about the Junxing Compound Bow

Q:What is the draw weight of Junxing Compound Bow?
A:The draw weight of Junxing Compound Bow is 30#.

Q:How much does it weigh?
A:The bow weighs 2.5 pounds and has a length of 14 inches.

Q:How much does it cost?
A:The price of this compound bow is $30.00.

Q:Is the Junxing Compound Bow durable?
A:Yes, the bow is very durable and will last for years even with regular use.






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